🇬🇧 We currently only deliver to the UK.

Our Story

Cards.LGBT is Flokkr’s very own LGBTQ+ greeting cards shop. All cards are designed by ourselves in Manchester and printed in the UK on a strong high quality paper board that is kind to the environment.

Flokkr is a technology platform for LGBTQ people and businesses alike that protects the privacy of its users like hardly any other. We don’t use any questionable third-party integrations such as analytics, trackers or social media pixels on our websites, that could track your activity across the internet and allows big corporations build up a vast profile of you in order to sell your data, target you with ads and more. We also won’t trick you into any unwanted marketing communication or retarget you with ads on other sites.

For this little card shop it means, compared to most competitors, we’re making the work quite a bit harder for ourselves, but we believe it’s our duty to truly respect the privacy of our community. We leave it up to you how much or how little of our goods and services you want to use.

And that’s also true for all the other services that we build, such as our gay city and travel guide, or the links in bio page builder that we’re about to launch soon.

If you like what we’re doing and you want to support small independet LGBTQ business, please remember us and tell your friends about Flokkr.